How to Master 2024 Marketing: A Deep Dive on AR, VR, Live Streaming, Ecommerce and Local Personalization Strategies

It’s time to get ahead of ongoing transformations in the world of marketing. How can you optimize strategies for continued connection and growth in the year ahead?

This complete guide explores the top trends marketers need to watch in 2024.

VR and AR Go Mainstream

Our metaverse predictions are unfolding – augmented and virtual reality adoption will skyrocket in 2024. Brands integrating immersive 3D and interactive experiences into ecommerce, events, and more will reap rewards. Be preparing VR and AR content to deeper engage audiences.

Short Format Videos Continue Dominating

From TikTok to Instagram Stories, short bursts of visual snacking are here to stay. Marketers must craft catchy, entertaining vertical video content under 60 seconds. Have a constant pipeline of bite-sized clips ready across all platforms.

Conversational Commerce Gains Momentum

Chatbots, live messaging and conversational interfaces will become primary purchasing touchpoints. Develop customer service and sales strategies optimized for natural language.

Leverage AI to handle simple queries and qualify hot leads.

Creative Live Streaming Immersive Experiences

Live streaming audiences crave unique, interactive experiences. Focus on engaging niche communities through talent partnerships, interactive filters and special events. Capitalize on the shoppable live stream trend.

Local Search and Mapping Matter More

Hyperlocal marketing optimized for local directories and maps will propel businesses. Boost your local profile across Google, Apple Maps and other geolocated platforms. Provide value to neighbouring communities through targeted campaigns.

Staying ahead of these 2024 digital shifts requires innovative testing, resourcefulness and an emphasis on community. Let Elly Cusa strategize your audacious goals and guide production of compelling marketing assets optimized for emerging frontiers. Contact us today for a personalized consultation!

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